Common Questions

It’s okay to ask!

Below are the typical questions many people have about Pilates, its benefits and what to expect from the sessions. It's not unusual to have specific questions, though. Call me today so we can discuss your personal goals and needs!

Can I take just one class to try it out?

You absolutely can sign up for just one class! It is important to sample something like this first. If you decide to explore further, then you can sign up for a series of five or ten classes. Progress is dependent on consistency.

What should I wear?

Wear soft and flexible clothing, tights, running or jogging pants, and no shoes.

How will Pilates improve or help my body?

Pilates is as helpful to the human body the same way oil is to your car.  Pilates exercise is focused on the movement of every joint in the body including the feet and toes!  Gentle movements that support but also challenge the intrinsic muscles of the shoulder and pelvic girdle.  The overall core strengthening created and maintained through Pilates is practiced all over the world by all level of athletes.

What age group is Pilates most beneficial?

Pilates is beneficial for all ages!

Is Pilates recommended for physical rehabilitation of an injury?

Physical therapy is the first step you should take for the proper rehabilitation of any injury. At the completion of any physical therapy routine, Pilates with a qualified trainer is the next best step. Before jumping directly into your normal exercise goals, Pilates helps get the body ready for more strenuous levels of exercise after a long hiatus after injury. A safe transition to healthy movement again.

Does Pilates build strength or only flexibility?

Pilates builds strength and flexibility.

Why is it important to stay flexible at all stages of life?

Staying strong and flexible throughout one’s life is critical to physical independence—a lifelong goal for anyone.

The one-size-fits-all routine doesn't work for me. How can you help?

The benefit to working with me as your trainer is that you will have a workout created just for you and not everyone else. I listen carefully and take special care to create something that will challenge you but also make you feel good!